Hello everyone my name is Marzia and I'm a student who attends The Institute of Youtube.

((I AM NOT MARZIA. PLEASE REALISE THIS. THIS IS A ROLEPLAY BLOG. I do not mean to come off as creepy or weird or anything along those lines. If it creeps you out, offends you, or anything like that, you don't have to read it.))

~none of the images, gifs, or well, anything that isn't a RP, none of that is mine, and this is me disclaiming that I don't own that. Please don't sue me.~
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"Shane! Shane guess what!" Cat ran into his room a huge grin on her face.

Shane looked up from his book, knowing he should have been working, but Cat was a damn good reason to take study break. “What is it Cat?” 

On her hands, Cat had written “Me” and “Ow” and she started to wave them around in Shane’s face. “I have something for you!” Rushing back out of the room, Cat grabbed the actual cat out of her carrier and hurried back to Shane.

Making Muffins’ lift a paw, Cat made her wave hello to her owner. “I over heard you talking about how much you missed her an-“ 

Shane cut her off by grabbing the cat and hugging her. “MUFFINS!”

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